Cloak and Cutthroat is a Mobile Barbershop in birmingham Providing Men's & Boy's Haircuts at home - Mobile Barbershop Halesowen.

For Gentlemen On the Go

A Mobile Barbershop where we take a premium barbershop experience and deliver it at your home.

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Mobile Barbershop in Halesowen Providing Men's & Boy's Haircuts at home

Over 10 Years Experience working with all hair types and an expert all round contemporary skill set we set the bar for how men’s hair should be cut.

Our aim at Cloak and Cutthroat was a simple one, start a mobile barbershop and provide a passionate service that no one else is willing to do! With a working day window of 17 hours we decided to provide a service that caters for the every day man and his family. We work unsociable hours so that you don’t have to spend your social time waiting for 3 hours on a Saturday afternoon to get your hair cut.

The biggest issue with getting a hair cut is never being able to get to the barbershop or salon.

Whether your working hours mean you cant get to a salon during its opening hours or life just simply gets in the way we decided to start a business that caters to our clients. We operate our services between 6am and 11:30pm so that we can provide ample opportunity to fit in around work, school and life.

It just so happens that we are also great at what we do, it also allows you to have the sole attention of your barber to achieve the exact style that you are happy with, without the distractions of a busy barbershop.

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Cloak and Cutthroat - Mobile Barbershop In Halesowen - Mobile Barbershop Halesowen


With an all round high skill set we can cater for all styles and clients. Traditional and longer styles right through to modern crops and skin fades we have you covered. We give a consultation before each cut to establish the best style for your hair type and face shape and of course your personal preference.



We use various techniques for our shaves and each client is different. All shaves follow the same process of correct skin preparation and after care and of course the right type of shave for you.


Beard Trim

In the current day and age a mans beard is just as important as his hair. Our beard work could vary from free hand scissor work on a longer beard to fading with clippers and finishing with a straight razor. All haircuts include a beard trim as part of the service.


"The clean cut" service

Whilst all haircuts include a beard trim our “Clean Cut Service” consists of a haircut, a hot towel shave and facial massage to top the service off. 

Business PerK Days

We regularly attend businesses throughout the Midlands and provide a perk day for their staff. We spend the day at your place of work and provide our services to company employees as a thank you from you to them for their hard work. Whether you wish to do this as a one off or a regular service we can cater to both.

Corporate Hire

Our services are availble to hire for corporate events where we would set up a pop up barber shop to tend to guests. We have previously worked with football clubs, fashion shows and well known high street stores to provide something stylish and different to your event.

media callouts

We offer media service for when you need a stylist on hand to make sure you can create the perfect look on a big day. We have previously worked with a range of sets so whether its a photoshoot, film or music video we can be on hand to make sure all runs smoothly.

If you wish to book us for an of our corporate services please get in touch 

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cloak and cutthroat Mobile Barbershop in Birmingham

Please see our prices below. Discounts will be applied for group bookings.

Mens Haircut


Under 16


Beard Treatment 


Traditional Hot Towel Shave


“The Clean Cut” 


We have been using Cloak and Cutthroat for over 5 years now and i don't think i could ever go back to a regular barbershop. Myself and my two sons have our haircut of an evening when we are back from work and college, it works great for us as i never have to lose time waiting for hours on a weekend to get our hair cut.
Chris Botterill
I have only been using Cloak and Cutthroat for around 18 months after a friend recommended them to me. I have always been really fussy with my hair and have always moved around trying to find a decent barber i couldn't believe when i found a mobile barbershop in Halesowen. Shay came to my house and took the time discussing different styles that would work for me and my face shape and explained to me why i shouldn't have certain styles that other barbers have just done in the past. It was the best hair cut i have ever had and its the same every fortnight that i get it cut. Couldn't recommend these guys enough.
Jon Morgan
C&C have cut my hair for a long time now i was chuffed when i found a mobile barbershop in Hagley and it may sound like an exaggeration but i genuinely don't know how i would get my hair cut without him. My job requires me to work shift patterns but i can be called in at the drop of a hat. My slot is every three weeks and my appointments vary from 6pm up till 11pm but there are times when i can be called away 30 minutes before my appointment. When this has happened in the past Shay has always been understanding of this and will always get me in as soon as he can and goes above and beyond to make it happen. Top Service
Luke Morton
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