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Hair and Beard Care During Coronavirus

Cloak and Cutthroat – Mobile Barbershop in Halesowen – Mobile Barbershop in Birmingham.

After the government made the decision to extend the lockdown of the UK for a further three weeks it also means that we cannot provide our services. Yes it’s a pain and no one wants to be cutting hair more than us but we fully back the government and the powers that be, and we are certain that we are doing the right thing to get this great country back on it’s feet as soon as possible. 

Now, we have been inundated with phone calls, Whatsapp messages, FaceTime calls, DM’s even messenger pigeons and one client sent a telegram. People are clutching at straws with ideas to cut their own hair because they are desperate for a hair cut to the point where some of them are pulling it out…… one person literally has (I won’t name names). 

So we have some simple and sound advice for you to try and help. Our first tip and recommendation is DO NOT CUT YOUR OWN HAIR UNLESS YOU ARE DESPERATE. Failing that here are some other tips:


  1. If you live alone and have no one to assist you with your DIY cut then we recommend that you let your hair grow out or give yourself a buzz cut. If you are giving yourself a buzz cut then we recommend starting on the highest number guard that you have and working down the guards until you are happy with the length. DO NOT USE SCISSORS IT WILL ONLY END IN TEARS.
  2. If you usually have a short style that is less than an inch on top and short around the back and sides then we recommend the same type technique as a buzz cut. Start with the highest grade you have on the top of your hair, when you are happy with the length then use that same grade to go over the sides. Then starting at the highest part of the sides use the next number down on the grades and shave the hair all the way down, then repeat with the lower grades until you are happy with the length on the sides. 
  3. If you are fortunate enough to be self isolating with other people at this time then you can ask them to help you out. Use the same technique as we have explained as above as it will be easier for someone else to do it. 
  4. PLEASE NOTE, THESE ARE WATERED DOWN INSTRUCTIONS TO FOLLOW IF YOU ARE REALLY STRUGGLING AND ARE STARTING TO RESEMBLE COUSIN ITT FROM ADAMS FAMILY. If your clipper has a lever on the side then just leave it in the closed position as you will leave even more lines in your hair than necessary ha!
  1. If you ever wanted to grow a biker beard to look as much of a badass as possible….. now is your time!
  2. If you ever wanted to really annoy your partner and grow a beard because you know how much they despise beards….. now is your time!
  3. If you love your beard and look forward to seeing us every two weeks to maintain it for you then please follow the below tips.
  4. If you need to take some length off your beard comb it all out and carefully cut the ends away with a beard trimmer.
  5. If your moustache is hanging over your lip and you have more herbs in your dinner than you anticipated use a beard trimmer and take away a millimetre at a time if you don’t know how much a millimetre is it’s just a little bit at a time. Don’t use a ruler to measure as you cut, this is near on impossible and will end in tears.
  6. If you have beard oils and balms then that is great and use them. However most people don’t actually need them or require them if they do these two things. Wash and Condition your beard… Simple eh. Leave the conditioner on your beard whilst you wash the rest of your body and wash it out just before you get out of the shower. This will leave your beard soft and stop it being so wire-like.

Thats it, simple basics to hopefully get you though but please remember, only cut your hair if you need to, please be careful when doing so and send us any pictures.

If you are struggling and need some help because you’ve tried to give your son the harry styles and he’s on his way to being harry hill pick up the phone and we will do all we can to guide you through.

On a final note, it’s a really tough time for everyone at the moment but i know we will all pull through. For a lot of our customers and now friends we have a great relationship and a good chat while we spend our time together on appointments. If any of you are struggling at this time and just need a chat please don’t think twice about picking the phone up and chewing the fat with us, you don’t need to struggle at a time when we all need each other. It’s good to talk.

See you all soon.

Shay x

ps, listen to the song below, it will make you smile(potentially cry) and help you appreciate what we have in times like these.

Cloak and Cutthroat – Mobile Barbershop in Halesowen – Mobile Barbershop in Birmingham

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